Daydreaming about Gardens (repost)

The weather has turned cold and the leaves have turned crunchy and I’m thinking, as the last of my tomato vines shiver out in their boxes, about next year.

I think that daydreaming about the garden next year may be a substantial part of how I get through the winter, now that I’ve seen gardening for a season and know what I like about it. Some thoughts that are with me now include:

  • How to be smart about space? I have a whole box now that really gets only enough light to be a patch for greens, and a strawberry bed that sustains tomatoes beautifully, if crazily. Our potato barrel yielded some potatoes and would probably yield more, with better drainage and fewer potatoes crowding around. I want to add another box, if Husband will agree, and add small, thin window boxes on our front porch for herbs, to take advantage of all the sun we get up there. He also wants to put in some blueberry bushes up there, where we already get a ton of bees.
  • How to grow in a timely way? I need to make sure I start mostly greens early next year, not all my seeds at once, and then start my summer peppers and tomatoes at last frost. I want to grow greens early and late, not just early this time, and I would like to choose a spot for some winter squash plants and some sugar snap peas so that my Fall harvest can be a little new and not just more of the spring crops. Mid-summer was a grand bounty this year, but I want to make sure I focus on the book-end seasons in 2017.
  • What new plants to grow, and what to give up? I wish my strawberries were more bountiful, but they were a small harvest this year. I want to keep potatoes, tomatoes, butternut squash, carrots, and green peppers… I want a more robust planting of cilantro, dill, basil, and chives this coming year, and add some oregano, which we eat by the handful anyway. While we planted onions and they sprouted, they didn’t grow, so I’d love to find a place in the yard where they thrive. Now that I list it all… we really grew many of the things I wanted to grow. It feels good, actually, to know that I mostly want to boost production, not change it.

What other veggies or fruits would you recommend adding? I need fresh produce to daydream about as the days get short and cold and I spend most of my time indoors.

4 comments on “Daydreaming about Gardens (repost)

  1. BoSanbo says:

    How old are your strawberry plants? Yields are typically low in the first year; I even know some people who pinch off all flowers in the first year to allow the plant to develop. I couldn’t do it! I want strawberries.

    Your point about phasing in plants is a good one. I get so excited when it’s warm out that I want to plant everything all at once. This year I’m using my bullet journal to plan out how I’ll phase it.

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  2. We grow berries but the squirrels eat them all the time which actually doesn’t bother me! We like to grow doll which I freeze so that I always have some all year. I am not the gardener in our house but my husband has started adding used coffee grounds to the dirt, he thinks that this will help our berries grow!

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  3. Patrick says:

    I think I am just going to use the Summer to build beds. Maybe hoot for a Fall garden if that goes well. This is the second year in a new house, and would rather just take my time and get the beds right, rather than rush and force a Spring / Summer garden. Maybe do some container herbs, just to say I grew something.


  4. I have been planning my garden as well. I wrote about it in January in my blog “andthetenthtime” I was thinking about peanuts as something new and different but I don’t know that our growing season is long enough although we’ve had an unseasonably warm winter. Our garden is tilled and ready and if all goes to plan, we’ll be planting potatoes in a couple of weeks.


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