Making “Breakfast Food” Your Own


I love breakfast food – I mean, pancakes? Waffles? Bacon? All the fanciest and tastiest of breakfast foods are wonderful to me. When it comes to everyday, average breakfasts, though, I’m pretty weak: I’ll enjoy a bagel and cream cheese, or a big glass of fruit smoothie, but I have a hard time working up an appetite at 6AM and whatever I do manage doesn’t hold me till lunch.

When I learned on the Gastropod podcast that breakfast food is somewhat a modern invention, I felt pretty liberated; if in the past, most people just ate whatever they had lying around as leftovers for breakfast, I would do the same! Today I had leftover quinoa salad, filled with tomatoes and spinach and walnuts and feta, for breakfast, and it was wonderful: hit the spot and also was so full of protein that I didn’t get hungry!

It’s time to take breakfast to be another meal; one where, yes, we sometimes eat french toast because it is so delicious, but where most of the time we eat healthy veggies and proteins we need to get through our day, just like other meals! It is very comforting to realize that I’m not crazy for feeling a sugar-crash many mornings when I start off with a sweet-tooth breakfast. This is fine for a lazy Saturday morning, when I might actually enjoy a blissed-out morning reading and feeling calm, but at work, I want all systems go, and that means protein and nutrients aplenty. Quinoa, to the rescue!


8 comments on “Making “Breakfast Food” Your Own

  1. sudustories says:

    I’ve heard here that my grand parent’s generation never had break fast..their first intake used to be at 11 AM.

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  2. shaunkellett says:

    I’m never hungry in the mornings, unless of course I haven’t eaten since lunchtime the day before, so I find breakfast a hard concept to understand. I have to fight with myself between knowing its good for me (Gives me energy, kick starts my metabolism, all that jazz) and just simply not being hungry.

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  3. Dacia says:

    My Russian step mother made “breakfast” for us one morning when we were visiting. It was indeed leftovers like you said. I thought it was so bizarre! The concept never occurred to me to treat breakfast as anything but. Uh.. No idea. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. When I was still teaching, and need to get rolling early, I ate breakfast preemptively, so I wouldn’t get hungry later. Teachers can’t just stop and eat when the urge strikes. Leftover pizza? Why not!

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  5. I struggle with breakfast too, always have. I just tend not to feel hungry so early in a morning. But one of my favorite breakfasts is chicken and strawberry salad. I did it once one morning cos it was what was in the fridge but it really hit the spot. I made it a new staple ever since

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  6. KR says:

    Oo yes. I know lot of older people who eat for breakfast fried potatoes or soup or other … in my understanding suitable for dinner :).
    My usual breakfast is some porridge – my favorite is oatmeal, with seeds and butter.
    And salad is good idea, as well

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  7. cassiepearse says:

    Love this: I’m always ready for a savoury breakfast. You’re right that it is so much more filling and satisfying.

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  8. Linda says:

    I love breakfast food, just not at breakfast time. Salad on a summer morning would be so refreshing.


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