Little Changes and Bamboo Toothbrushes

A friend posted this article recently,, and it reminded me all over of how important it is to me that I not become complacent just because I don’t think that I need to be obsessive about every environmental thing. It’s such a small thing, grabbing the bamboo toothbrushes over the plastic ones, carrying reusable cutlery and tupperware that I always want to have handy anyway. I want these things to be habits, easy, not notable.

I think this is the way changes will be made, not by shaming or overwhelming people with the impact of trash but by noting the fact that a drink without a straw is less wasteful and, well, pretty much the same as a drink with a straw. I like that she doesn’t just tell people “these things are bad” but immediately says “and its so easy to avoid them in the future.” This is the approach that I need to keep caring about environmentalism, about not wasting and about recycling. I need to find habits that make a positive impact, and then carry them out over time, rather than having ardent pushes where all I talk about are environmental concerns, and then months of exhausted lack of concern after that.

What do you do to be less wasteful in little ways? I don’t necessarily mean in order to “save the Earth,” if that’s not your pet cause, but just ways that you find to be a good steward of what you’ve been given and not waste what you have?

14 comments on “Little Changes and Bamboo Toothbrushes

  1. veronika says:

    I read that the other day on Facebook. Brilliant article. Sarah Wilson is a star.


  2. I never paid much attention to the environment to be honest, but after seeing where the world is going, I started caring a lot more. I believe it’s the small changes that make the difference, you can’t expect people to drastically change their habits, but instead to slowly adapt and change one thing at the time. I’m doing my best now, even though I still have a lot to learn and improve. 🙂

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  3. We recycle paper etc, and compostable food wastes, and I use solar & thermal cooking and some solar lights.

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    • Our local government council supplies a green collection bin for recyclable food wastes, and a yellow bin for recyclable papers, plastics and metals, and a much smaller bin for household waste to go to landfill. Our local rates include the costs of rubbish collection each week. That makes it much easier to organise effective recycling. When I remember, I try to recycle clothing, too, to a charity that reuses it or has a rag collection.


  4. Kirstie says:

    I totally agree it’s all about incremental change, and about making better habits. I think trying to live in a more environmentally sound way is like anything else – if you try and approach it as one big chunk it’s totally overwhelming and impossible. But you make one change, and that becomes normal, and then another, and another… and hey presto, you’re doing alright. Carrying cutlery is definitely one I need to work on, maybe that should be my next change to focus on! I’ve made carrying a metal water bottle a habit over the years, this one should be easier? Thanks for the post, it’s a nice push in the right direction for me.


  5. jr cline says:

    I try not to bring home extra plastic bags when I shop. I donate usable items or give them to people directly. I try not to purchase stuff beyond what I need. I don’t waste food if I can help it.


  6. Allison says:

    I bring my own bags to the store! It took me a while to train myself to remember them every time, but I love not having the plastic ones overtaking my laundry room!


  7. shiftinbeauty says:

    I save the bottle caps to donate to the church who use them to but wheelchairs and other needed items. I need to be better though.


  8. I like your thinking process with this Blog. Encouragement goes a long way and makes the world a better place. It starts with the mind before the making the positive impact you desire come to live. Good thinking it is well thought out.

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  9. We started composting last summer. We’re the first community in the city to be on this pilot project. But it’s hard in the winter, so we stopped. There’s no added incentive.


  10. Great post! I went through my house a few years ago and looked hard at every single use item we had, asking if we could eliminate them. We got rid of Kleenex tissues and now have a basket of “hankies” that we use, then wash and use again. We also use dish clothes and cloth napkins instead of paper towels and paper napkins. We use old clothes (and old cloth napkins) as rags that I clean with — so no disposable cleaning wipes in our house. We each have our own water bottle and my husband and I have our own coffee cups that we carry and refill when we are out and about. These changes weren’t very hard — or expensive. They save the environment and save us money. Good luck with your small changes!

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