Cannoli and Sharing


Memory: a work lunch where, with my two co-workers, we order dessert. I very, very rarely order dessert at a restaurant, and no wonder; there’s enough calories in a dessert to be a whole meal, and I’ve already eaten a bowl of lobster bisque and half my sandwich and I really don’t NEED any more food.

Shared dessert is the perfect solution. The truth is that cannoli, a wonderful combination of crunchy wafer cookie and thick, ricotta-rich sweet cream with chocolate chips in it, is just too much for any one person. I am sure there are circumstances when cannoli, this particular pile of it, would be perfect to be relished alone, but it would have made me ill that day. 1/3 of it, however, was totally perfect.

That’s the thing about good, rich, sweet things in life: I’m so much worse at appreciating them when I’m alone. Instead, I need to look into another pair of eyes and share that bright feeling of “are you tasting this?” as we both dig in to something that has absolutely no vegetables in it. I can eat vegetables, fruits, and whole grains alone, feeling like I’m nourishing myself and thus the life I’m leading in community, but with dessert… mmm it’s just better to get 3 forks and dig in together.


9 comments on “Cannoli and Sharing

  1. Although I totally get what you are saying..I can scarf down a good tasting whole cannoli in about two minutes while sa coring every mini chocolate chip.

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  2. I share the other parts of the meal so that I can eat desert

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  3. gebbysmith says:

    OHHHH, cannoli is my favorite! I’m doing the Whole30 regimen now, so I’ll have to find a dairy-free, grain-free, sugar-free way to make them. Good luck, right?

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  4. I love cannolis with mascarpone

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  5. Linda says:

    I have happily eaten entire cannolis and look forward to doing it again. But sharing sweet desserts with friends is a really special experience. You remember not just the wonderful food but the company and good times!

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  6. KR says:

    I never share my dessert πŸ™‚ I have better idea: start with dessert, and if there left some space, then, maybe… have some more dish πŸ™‚

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  7. Yumolicious! πŸ“

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