Salmon for health and delicious eats!

memory salmon.jpg

Husband and I have changed small things about our eating habits over the years, but the big one has been adding in a little fish where we were eating pretty much no fish. I’ve become a big fan of salmon in particular; while it is especially good with a delicious butter and garlic sauce, it’s also a really rich, fatty fish on its own. You can eat your salmon with a pile of greens and still feel like you had a rich and filling meal, usually without feeling stuffed.

We made a really tasty pistachio salmon during Whole30, but this one was a grilled salmon from a restaurant, and thinking about it today makes me want the weather to improve so that I can get outside and grill a fillet. One recipe I really want to try as well is this one; will write again when I actually get around to trying it! I love maple as a flavor, and I’m excited to explore it on main dishes rather than just pancakes:


5 comments on “Salmon for health and delicious eats!

  1. Looks delicious! I am definitely looking to better my diet too.

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  2. shiftinbeauty says:

    Just made salmon last night! Chile Asian marinade w ginger on bed of cut up red peppers w jasmine rice. Yum


  3. I’am not a fan of salmon but my family is. Looks like they would enjoy it.


  4. jr cline says:

    I love salmon


  5. I fancy the maple & ancho spiced salmon too. Thanks for sharing!

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