In a Crocheting Rut

Do you get in a rut? I definitely do. I think of it as a time in my life when I’m lacking in bravery; not bravery overall, but bravery in a particular spot.

In my crafting life, I’m feeling the rut right now – I make baby blankets, hats, and scarves, but I don’t really push myself to learn new stitches, or try harder things. I’m not looking to make complex stuffed animals or learn twenty new stitches, but I want something new to excite me.

Does anyone out there in the crafting world have a favorite intermediate-level project? Something beyond basic blankets and scarves, but not quite to the level of 3D objects like amigurumi? Post here any of your favorites!


20 comments on “In a Crocheting Rut

  1. amusingword says:

    When I get in a real rut, it’s usually due to sad circumstances in my life. Maybe some stupid thing I shouldn’t have said, but my need to express myself overrides commonsense. I crochet too on occasion. I can’t follow patterns very well so I usually make hot pads, I don’t have to THINK or always count my stitches. I do get in ruts with my FRAKTUR artwork though. It takes me months to finish and people get their gift sometimes a year after the occasion for giving it.

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  2. eseviour says:

    Have you tried broomstick lace? It’s a pretty simple but very pretty stitch, and it’s easy to adapt it to different projects. I’ve used it to make bracelets, a sunglasses case and a small clutch bag.

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  3. calennaj says:

    Blanket sweaters. Also called cocoon sweaters. Basically, you make a big rectangle in whatever stitch you want, fold it in half, and stitch up the ends to make arm holes. They’re awesome. I may have a new addiction…. 🙂

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  4. Dacia says:

    I have made a few things that ARE hats and scarfs but with more flare. I made a Katniss Scarf , a dragon hat for my son , and a teddy called Beart Reynolds

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  5. SunDust says:

    How about a crochet clutch?

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  6. MrsB_inthehills says:

    If I’ve not got anything else on the go (or if I just don’t want to think too hard) I crochet bunting to drape around the village: flower bunting, star bunting, leaf bunting, heart bunting…I recently did mountain shaped bunting to celebrate the local walking festival

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  7. Doilies! They are pretty, there are tons of YouTube tutorials is you don’t like reading and decoding new patterns. They usually use stitches you already know and but arranged in patterns that you normally wouldn’t think of. I recently got stressed out by my WiPs building up and started a ‘Mindful Mandala’ to try to get back to the roots of what I love about crocheting. 🙂

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  8. the20somethingexistentialcrisis says:

    I love learning new crocheting stitches, however I have a problem where I’ll start something, then put it down, and forget about it. I have a very hard time finishing crocheting projects.

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  9. Sometimes rest is the is the hardest project but one that allows us to come back out again full steam.

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  10. Nicole says:

    Seriously you should give amigurumi a shot! It’s actually very forgiving and super creative!

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    • Feli says:

      I agree! Amigurumi is less difficult than it looks, especially if you already know basic crochet and start with easy patterns

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      • I agree! I’m an Amigurumi designer and there are super basic projects to start with, gauge is never really important and it’s fun to end up with a giant penguin or something. Try looking through some free lionbrand patterns to get your feet wet! Otherwise, when I’m in a rut I try to take a break or something different like using micro crochet hooks and thread or really large hooks to change it up


  11. gebbysmith says:

    Here’s a darling basket I pinned from My Poppet Makes.
    It looks like an easy pattern but really has an upscale look. I pinned it and plan to tackle one soon.


  12. Jahnno says:

    A crocheted plastic bag holder. It’s practical, fast and fun.

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  13. sahourti says:

    Crochet jewelry is the new thing now. I want to try but don’t have the time 😃


  14. AskDaralynn says:

    I don’t know anything about crocheting , but I loved your post. Thanks for following my blog. I greatly appreciate it.


  15. MrsCraft says:

    I like mandalas for learning new stitches, I also made the dragon scale slippers which are more useful than a teddy but a good way to learn more about crochet. Hope you’re out of your rut already though! 😊


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