Recipe in a Bottle – Finally, a Name!

So, I won’t lie, I have been somewhat unhappy with the name of my blog since I started writing it. None of the ideas I used seemed to be capturing what I want to happen in this space. But today, I hit on it: Recipe in a Bottle.

Just like an SOS, recipes are about survival, about getting something into the world when you, perhaps, aren’t feeling the most confident about. But the stakes are too high not to do it, which is the same.

I’m also wanting to talk about the ways that recipes connect us, even if strangers give them to us. I am trying to send out messages to all the new family I gained last year, but also to family and friends that I’ve lost touch with over the years, and now to all the bloggers and internet-friends I haven’t met yet!

This makes me wonder: what do recipes mean for you? Are they a way to connect, like they are for me, or are the something else?

(I swear, I am cooking, I just need to work on a few things and I will start posting actual recipes again. Thanks for the patience!)