Crostini for one… after a successful race!

I did something pretty awesome on Saturday – I ran a road race, a 5K. I am not the most in-shape of people, and my running pace is on par with Husband’s brisk walking pace, but I ran the whole time! Afterwards, I felt that perfect kind of tired: the kind that makes it feel like you deserve a treat, but only because you have worked really, really hard.

My treat was inspired by the delicious recipe Rebecca sent me – I endorse vanilla sugar, ricotta cheese, and strawberries as highly as I could, but sweaty, tired me had none of them in the house. What I did have was some awesome crusty bread, and a desire for crostini.

Unless there’s something fancier about it that I don’t know, crostini just means “things on top of crusty bread/crackers” and I think it’s brilliant. My friend C made them for a potluck once with three different fun combos of a cheese and another thing. My nutrient-craving brain came up with a simple combination: goat cheese, mashed avocado, and cashews. A bit of crunch, a bit of green, and well… goat cheese. Enough said.

I watched a sappy indie movie and ate all my three crostini on the couch before taking a long nap, and let me tell you – they were everything I could ever imagine. I want to try some sweet ones like the ones Rebecca tried, but from the delight on her blog entry I have to assume that we had very similar reactions to this kind of food. It’s perfect for newbie cooks like me, who want to experiment and try new flavor combinations but want a minimum of possible things to catch on fire. The preparation is simple: toast a bread (don’t even have to do this part with crackers), and assemble all other ingredients on top. They can look fancy or they can (like mine) just look like bread with things on it. Regardless, those crostini rafts are perfect for shepherding surprising and excellent flavors into your mouth, post-race.