Espresso Cheesecake Recipe Cards


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Espresso Cheesecake for Husband’s Birthday!

While we were on our road trip, Husband and I asked each other questions about our favorites; while some of them were easy and things we’d known for years, things like “what is your favorite dessert?” are deceptive: you can see someone enjoy a dessert three or four times and still not know if it is their favorite. Husband took his time with that particular question and finally came down to “a good espresso cheesecake.”

I bought a springform pan a year or two ago at a church’s large yard sale, and I’ve thought it was about time to use it for cheesecake, but this was all the push I needed. I bought the obscene amount of cream cheese needed, found Hillbilly Housewife’s simple and perfect recipe, and got to making. I made it days early, but it was worth the torture of waiting to eat it, knowing that it had indeed set up, looked scrumptious, and would be Husband’s favorite.

While he didn’t rave or anything, Husband seemed to enjoy his first slice, especially when it was accompanied by a small cup of coffee. I didn’t have the espresso powder the recipe called for, so I had used a combination of boiled-down coffee (replacing the milk) and some actual ground coffee, but those two things together still only created a faint coffee flavor; instead, I’d made a dark chocolate cheesecake, which seemed to be a completely acceptable substitute in his book. The crust was simple and gives  a nice crunch without a ton of added cookie, though I used nilla wafers so that might explain it – other cookies might make a more prominent crust if that is what you are into.

Overall, I didn’t realize that you got so many servings out of one cheesecake, but goodness gracious… this cake is going to be with us for a while. I’m probably going to freeze a couple pieces to take out for a future special occasion.