A Strawberry Lemonade for a Summer Day

I have so many favorite memories of lemonade – my first business was a lemonade stand at my grandfather’s yard sale when I was 7. I remember how thirst quenching lemonade was when it came out of big orange Gatorade jugs at summer camp. Lemonade for me is mixed from a little container of lemon-flavored powder, even if it is better when it’s made from real lemons.

I made myself a glass of lemonade on a hot afternoon and was reminiscing about how this particular sweet and tart drink got into our psyche and made us think this was the way to beat the summer heat. My special touch this time was throwing some frozen strawberries in instead of ice, which cooled it down and made condensation run down the outside, and a splash of tonic water, which took the sweetness down a notch. While not following the recipe at all, I was inspired by Cooking Classy’s sparkling raspberry lemonade – I have to agree that a mid-afternoon drink you can reach for and then, after a nice break, get back to whatever you need to get to is good. It’s not a pick-me-up like coffee but it does pick up your spirits!

Got a favorite lemonade recipe or just a refreshing summer drink? Share!