Meatball Cheese Sauce – No More Meatballs!

Here, finally is the last sauce from the meatball party – I feel silly still writing about how these recipes panned out because it has been weeks, and I will have friends and family in town soon to cook for, so it makes sense to get this done.

I wanted there to be something to put on top of the meatballs, and not knowing what people were going to bring (and the fact that many of them did bring their own sauces!), I thought a cheese sauce would be ideal. I make the same kind of cheese sauce almost every time I make one: I start with a roux of butter and flour, and then add either coconut milk or regular milk till it’s a liquid again; then I add small bits of pepper jack cheese and stir, stir, stir until it is a good smooth cheese sauce. This one ended up a little rigid, though I would prefer to be able to dip my chips in it and have them come out perfectly coated, like the delicious quesos of many Mexican restaurants.

I didn’t end up using the cheese much during the party (there’s always too much food to eat and too little stomach to fill) but I also used it the following day to make little slider-bun pizzas because we had so many leftover buns and so much leftover cheese sauce.

I am a huge fan of cheese, but on this trip to Maine, I think I actually exceeded maximum cheese. We ate at so many lovely places, and everything we ate seemed to have gobs of my favorite kinds of cheeses. For this reason, I am now taking a small cheese hiatus – this doesn’t mean I won’t cook anything with it, but I will at least chill out on it and try to sub it out for more veggies.