A New Feature: Written-Out Recipes

So, it’s the school year again and it’s just too much for daily posts to happen around here. For one thing, I don’t cook something every day… which is no shame, but also just the situation. So I’m starting a fun project that I’ll share with you all a couple times a week.

I’m going back through old posts where I linked to someone else’s recipes, like the recipes that fellow bloggers have suggested, or recipes I’ve found online that remind me of experiences in the past. I’m going to write them out on my own blank recipe cards and post them here; I know I like having the actual recipe in front of me when I cook, so you all might like that too! I’ll be sure to attribute and link back to where I found the recipes still, but this way I will have an actual, physical recipe box from this big old blog experiment.

I’d love to know if you post pictures of your physical recipe cards as well; it seems like it’s more common to have a pinterest board than a recipe card box any more, but because J gave me one at my bridal shower, I am excited to fill it up with evidence of this year of culinary experimentation. I’d be excited to see all the variety in recipe card designs over the years, so if you have a favorite recipe on a physical card, feel free to send me a snapshot (or a link to the snapshot on your own blog). Thanks!