Cooking for Community

Dinner parties are great, but I somewhat want to take my cooking to the next level: I don’t specifically want people to pay me to cook for them, but I want to cook some treats to sell at the local Relay for Life event.

Relay for Life is a fairly simple premise: rather than a charity race, it’s a long (sometimes overnight) walk-a-thon where folks raise money to support research to cure cancer. During the event, however, each “team” of participants only has to have someone walking all the time (in principle), so everyone on the team can be participating in the night-long party that is Relay: people set up games, grill out, sell cupcakes, anything and everything to keep raising money for the American Cancer Society. Local folks who haven’t been fundraising are welcomed to spend the evening in the carnival atmosphere and know that their dollars have all gone toward a good cause.

The first time I participated in Relay, I was part of a team from a club in college. We had a big tent, and I don’t remember what we were selling or doing but walking late at night in the beautiful mountain air was fun, and the luminarias that people sponsor for people who have had cancer in their lives were beautiful and twinkled around the perimeter of the walking space. I remember telling a bunch of knock knock jokes at 4 in the morning, delirious with lack of sleep. It was a wonderful time. I bonded with folks from my club.

Now, I have the opportunity to be a part of Relay in my new town – it seems like an event that isn’t particularly well attended. The fundraising goal has gone down from last year to this year, and the chairperson is a survivor of cancer who seems eager to get some young folks involved. As a new resident and young-ish person, I’m hoping to contribute, and since I love having things count in two places, I think I’m going to make something for my blog but in quantity to sell for the ACS at Relay.

So here’s my call for recipes: what easily portable and reasonably healthy treats would you recommend for selling at a Relay for Life carnival? There will be plenty of unhealthy food to go around (nothing wrong with that!) but I figured I might offer a respite on that front, if I could come up with one. If you have a great recipe, comment and send me a quick blurb about how the recipe has worked for you in the past! Thank you!