C.R. Gibson Recipe Box Review

img_4821As I usually say,  I receive no payment for my thoughts about recipe boxes I review, and I don’t get approval from the companies before I publish. However, I do receive the recipe box free of charge – just want you to know the situation. Still, I don’t review products I don’t like!

Recipe boxes tend to be serious, in my experience, but what I like about this one from C.R. Gibson is that it recognizes another serious aspect of cooking: it’s all about chemistry. The bright green metal box has a typeface and style that makes it look a bit like the periodic table of the elements, and comes with a cute carrying strap on the top.

Because I’m sort of advocating that more people (and more kinds of people!) keep recipe boxes, not just newlywed ladies like myself, I like that this one has all the functionality of a regular recipe box – even tall dividers and recipe cards to use specifically with this box! – but doesn’t necessarily scream “girly girl.” It’d be a good gift for the dude or lady in your life who wears science goggles for work and also for mysterious pressure cooker experiments.

The box is one in a series called “Periodic Table of Yum,” so you can also check out other items that are connected to the series. I think it works great as a stand alone piece because it isn’t the typical wooden box or paperboard paisley box. I love the little details like the border of “elements” on the cards themselves!

The box is available here if you want to see it; C.R. Gibson helpfully lists recipe boxes under “kitchen organization,” but I think that a box like this could make a really personalized and helpful gift for anyone whose getting started living on their own!img_4822

A New Way to Share: Pinterest Submissions!

So, I know it’s a pain to type out recipes or write them out. It’s a pain that’s worth it to me, but I also know that some folks would love to share their favorites with me, but don’t want to take the time to re-type things.

  1. Now, hopefully, you can share easily using pinterest! Here is the board for the blog: https://www.pinterest.com/recipebottle/recipe-in-a-bottle/

If you “follow” the board/me, I will try to send you an invite to collaborate on the board; anything you post will be available to any other readers! It seems like we all have a wonderful combination recipe box this way, where we can read each other’s recipes and maybe even send small stories and notes about what they mean to us.

If you cannot tell, I’m excited to see what you all send! If you don’t use Pinterest but know someone who does, send this their way! 🙂

Hira’s Chicken Shawarma!

So, Hira sent me this recipe:  https://www.madeeasy.com.pk/shawarma-recipe/, which just sounded perfect one evening when I was home alone. Sure, it makes enough for more people, but I scaled it down to fit the spices I had and the serving I could eat, and didn’t end up with leftovers… though that was probably more due to the fact that the sauce/spicing on this is SO GOOD. I didn’t make it super hot-spicy, but the garlic mayo sauce is to die for and mixes so well with curried chicken – I loved it! I probably could have marinaded my chicken longer – didn’t work very hard to wait on it, just let the strips of chicken dethaw for a few minutes – so I bet it could have been even more flavorful.

I didn’t have pita (anyone have a go-to homemade pita recipe???) and I was home alone, so I ate this one straight out of the bowl. There is something really special about a meal that you don’t dress up to the full presentation possibilities, that has all the delicate flavors of a fancy dinner but which you can eat with a fork, sitting at your kitchen table watching squirrels chase each other behind your home. I really thought that I wasn’t very hungry when I started, that I’d have a little leftover for the next day, but the spicing and the sauce all mixed together and my appetite grew.

I really appreciate Hira sharing her blog, which has lots of recipes for spices I’ve got on my shelf but which I don’t always know how to use – sorry they aren’t National brand, but I’m sure the chicken shawarma would have been even better if I could use your garam masala! I am excited to try more “Arabic everyday food” in the future, because this was lovely.