Coffee, and Sustaining Foods

It’s summer, so I’ve been trying to cook and write more while I have a reprieve from work. I’m luckier than most – two months when I don’t have to commute in and spend my 8-5 at work. I’m grateful, and trying to get a lot of work done. In the picture, you can see chapters of my book printed out on notebook paper so that I can shuffle them up, put them into a binder, and then shuffle them again. I write in a chaotic way, and having the ability to move scenes easily from one spot to another keeps me from throwing my hands up and walking away.

Lately, a primary food group has been coffee: I usually drink it black, but this morning I’m nursing a cup of milky, sweet coffee and trying to figure out how to bridge two scenes, one very emotional and one very action packed. Coffee doesn’t really nourish me – gotta get some actual nutrient-filled breakfast here in a bit, but it feels nourishing – it makes me feel sharper and more awake, more adequate to the task of writing a novel.

Even though vegetables are not my favorite food group, eating a big fluffy salad can also be one of my sustaining foods. It makes me feel full without feeling heavy and sleepy – pair it with coffee, and I am ready to face the many tasks that have cropped up this summer.

What foods do you make to feel strong and sustained, to go into battle with the daily difficulties and the long-term projects in your life? Coffee is essential for a lot of us, but I’m sure there are other foods that make you feel this way. Let me know, and who knows? I might try to make them in order to get through a couple more chapters. 🙂