Eating… On a Road Trip

I’m on a road trip! So that’s fun. But it does mean that there isn’t much cooking happening. I’ve been thinking about the ways I eat when I’m on road trips, and how I can make myself not feel awful when eating all the fast food and snacks that I seem to have available to me.

Recipe in a Bottle Rules for Road Trip Eating:

  • Pack healthy snacks: I fully like to treat future-me like I will magically prefer dried apricots and stalks of celery to candy and cookies. Even if I’m not crazy about those things once I’m actually on the trip, my body thanks me for the daily injection of fruit and veggie.
  • Avoid fast food sides (law of fries): I love me some good fries, mac and cheese, kettle chips, whatever, but while I’m on a trip, I try to limit myself to a sandwich or other main entree. It’s a great way to cut half the calories in a fast food ‘meal’ and not feel bloated afterwards.
  • When seated, aim for salad: I am not a natural salad lover, but lately I’ve become convinced of how much better I feel on long trips if I sneak a salad in here and there!
  • Find mini-exercises for gas station breaks, etc.: I try to lift up on my tip toes a few times every time I leave the car for a little while, which is helpful for my muscles. Before and after the trip, I try to take some stretches, a walk if I can manage it, and do a plank for a minute. These things won’t prevent a little road-trip weight gain, but they sure do make me feel better and less tired.

Overall, these aren’t revolutionary, but as I eat out with my sister and my mom (and eat our leftovers during other meals) they are keeping me feeling less sluggish than I tend to get while travelling. This is important, because it’s supposed to get up to a heat index of 105 today! Eeek! Stay cool and eat well, friends. 🙂 I’ll be back with recipes soon.

11 comments on “Eating… On a Road Trip

  1. sillpost says:

    Great tips and perfect timing as I leave tomorrow for my own road trip! Thanks!


  2. Being on the road with my son twice a month for 5 months for travel hockey, I totally appreciate this post! I have a car plug in cooler and always have cheese, fruit, veggies and dips, and even a few sliced precooked chicken breasts for snacks. I allow myself one fast food meal and the rest are salads of all types. It does help you feel better and avoid that travel bloat! Great post and have a great trip! Tina


    • It’s good to hear folks have tried this for a while and know it works; I am new to healthy road tripping and used to just eat whatever I felt like every trip, ending up cranky and bloated. 😦 This is better!


  3. Where are you road tripping? I am too coming from Florida and moving towards the west and back around!


  4. Thanks for following me. I am enjoying reading your posts.


  5. I always eat so unhealthy on road trips!


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