Back to Reality… and Committing to Whole30 in 2017!

Over the break, Husband and I talked about some big picture changes – things like giving up cheese, dairy in general, sugar, and grains for a month! The very idea of that change grew when I saw how our fridge is, and listened to myself acquiesce to a take-out pizza just so easily yesterday. Sure, we had an 8.5 hour drive, sure, it was cold and we were tired and we just wanted to watch a goofy movie and veg out, but it sure does remind me: Whole30 for a month would be such a huge commitment.

The idea of trying Whole30 strikes me the way that our garden struck me this spring: I don’t (and didn’t) know what I was getting into, I don’t (and didn’t) quite prepare perfectly, and I won’t (and didn’t) get everything out of it that I could. Still, I could never regret starting to garden, despite our crazy tangled tomatoes and the non-starter onions and those insanely bitter tiny bell peppers there at the end of the season. Sure, I can see how parts of Whole30 are going to give me literal and metaphorical headaches, and I’m going to hate some of the foods on the “compliant” list because I eat them so often, and I’m going to roll my eyes a little when I aim for the higher-quality, organic, or grass-fed version of something I normally get at the cheapest, bargain-basement rate. Husband and I are especially vexed about breakfast: our investment normally involves one push of the toaster button. We’re going to have to prep ahead or we’re going to fall into our old bad habits whenever 6 AM rolls around.

Still, I am reading this cool book that gives me some solace, despite the impending cheeseless January. The book is called Daring Greatly, and it’s all about how being vulnerable and taking risks lead to the most valuable experiences of most people’s lives, even if they also open us up to some of the greatest hurt. Not doing the Whole30 is certainly a more guarded way to go – incremental change in our eating habits, after all, would be ideal and not dramatic at all. Still, I’ve lived enough years of my adult life thinking I was making incremental change to healthy eating only to still find myself watching movies with take-out pizza whenever I’m tired… I’ve changed less than I think. Why not dare greatly about food and see if I can develop some totally new habits? The worst thing that could happen would be a few furious days and a return to my old ways in February, and the best is a wonderful vision: not craving quite so many unhealthy foods! I think I’m ready to give it a shot… after the holidays, anyway. 😛

16 comments on “Back to Reality… and Committing to Whole30 in 2017!

  1. Zara says:

    It’s hard at first but you’ll get used to it and feel the benefits. Good luck!

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  2. Good luck! I’m excited to hear about how it goes! Keep us posted : )

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  3. I did this with sugar.. started as 30 day challenge.. but now after a year.. no soda,no sugar in coffee, no sweet junk food with sugar.. didn’t think I could do it but after year went from 36 waist to 30 … I really don’t miss the sugar,, which has led to even more healthier diet.. good luck to you

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  4. Elizabeth says:

    I am intrigued and look forward to your trying this and writing about it.

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  5. jackcollier7 says:

    I’ve given up wheat and wheat products, and I feel so much better. ❤

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  6. Power to you and best of luck.

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  7. I am starting a whole new Health program! Hopefully, each one of us will finish our journeys to our full satisfaction.

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  8. Mashisha says:

    I too am on the adventure of a plant based diet. It is not the easiest. Surround yourself with good cookbooks. I found a very fun basic book. Thug Kitchen. So hilarious. Easy recipes and lots of bad words to read. Very funny. Have fun good luck!

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  9. dadcancook2 says:

    You may find it easier to have a cheat day or meal once per week then get back on plan for your next meal. Looking forward to your results.

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  10. I had a few friends that just completed a month of the whole 30, some made it through to the end, some made some adjustments where they felt adjustments needed to be made. And as for the “non-starter onions”, I had the exact same problem two years ago when I did my second attempt at gardening. Ofcourse everything grew but the onion bulbs I had planted. But then this year suddenly I had entire planter of onions and strawberries that remained dormant to the next spring. 🙂

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  11. I had to give up dairy a few years ago. It is a little difficult at first as you get used to what you can and can’t have, but it is also amazing how a little creativity can produce some amazing meals!

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  12. prior.. says:

    Well good luck – and I have so much to say on this topic that I will refrain from it – with the exception of saying you should seriously consider adding some herbs to your month / or better yet – do a cleanse.

    Our small and large intestines are like pipes on a house – where things accumulate and build up – some things hand out in there and stay dormant – and then later mixes with other things and well/ just think about it.
    Another reason to cleanse is to help remove metals – which slowly accumulate from exposures all of our lives.
    And anyone who is trying to fast from certain things for a month – will have way more success with herbs helping – breaks cravings – and a lot of people have been feeding candidiasis for years and so a month cold turkey without things that feed it can be physically hard – it is not about will power….
    There are many cleanses to consider – but try one and go slow and never do harm – but wow – your body will thank you again and again.
    I like anything from “health plus inc” and they have a series of 7 cleanses that u can cycle thru- all under 20$
    I LOVE sonnes and look up “p and b” shakes it is psyllium and bentonite clay and it sweeps thru the intestines with physical properties not chemical – some folks do this cleanse for 90 days – take a teaspoon of each twice a day

    And then “body redesigning” had the best cleanse for under 60 – it is called the inner out cleanse !

    Anyhow – if nothing else – drink plain kefir during your whole30 and be sure to get enough good fats! Those omega 3 6 and 9s
    And when I got off sugar – eggs each morning were my rescue – I cooked them many different ways – and 3 days a week in rich butter because it is life giving –

    But do be careful not to cut the needed fats! And drink plain kefir to help your gut have the good microbes in there.
    Check out marks daily apple too

    And best wishes

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  13. staceygreenside says:

    this is great! Keep sharing your story!

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  14. orthodoxmom3 says:

    We do our whole30 during Lent, thereby extending it to 47 days… every year I end up adding other things back in here and there BUT every year it’s less. This year I’m really wanting to go beyond the 47 days….and having great trepedations…it’s the sugar for me. It’s my dragon. It calls to me….

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  15. How did it go for you? My fiance and I are doing it now and it is for sure a challenge!

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