Food Memory: Spicy Brunch with J


J, funnily enough, was my boss for a summer, but she also went to grad school near mine and when I went to visit her, our most treasured tradition was a visit to a wonderful brunch restaurant. I’d eat my sour-cream-topped latkes and my poached eggs on black-bean-cakes and feel the spice burning my tongue while we washed down our many chats with milky coffee. She made me feel a part of her world at a time when I was in between close connections, and ever since I’ve associated sweetness and wisdom with any food we’ve shared.

2 comments on “Food Memory: Spicy Brunch with J

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I met my best friend over Chinese food! I hadn’t remembered that recently until I read your post. Thanks.

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  2. I met my husband at a Sushi bar, and similar to your story for every birthday, holiday, or special occasion we go to a sushi restaurant to celebrate.


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