Food Memory: Irish Breakfasts with E and S


Many of my best talks in graduate school didn’t happen in the classroom – they happened while eating the breakfasts at the Irish themed restaurant in town with E and S. Both of them were thoughtful women who wanted the best for ourselves and our classmates, but we all had our frustrations to vent, and there’s just something about buttery toast and fried potatoes that helps a person process the many ideas we confronted daily. We planned papers here; E told me her idea for what would be her first book here. I ate enormous pancakes with pecans and bacon in them, and I calmed down about my anxieties as a teacher here. 

2 comments on “Food Memory: Irish Breakfasts with E and S

  1. You have good memories from graduate school. And this post reminds me of my childhood – weekend Irish breakfasts made by my father. He was a fan of the huge mixed grill, but also of Bircher muesli and my mother’s home-made yoghurt.

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  2. Love the post! Now I am hungry.

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