Results of Potato Barrel Experiment

We started the spring with half a whiskey barrel that we found on sale at a home improvement store; we wanted to do something like this experiment to grow potatoes in it. While I pulled out two pounds of potatoes for a recipe 10 days ago, this weekend we finally dumped the whole barrel and sorted through the dirt on a tarp, finding even the tiniest of potatoes and adding them to our loot.

The experience of layering in potato plants was somewhat good – the problem, I think, at the end was that we’d just put too many slips into the barrel and certain varieties crowded out others, resulting in sad, sickly looking yellow stalks. Because of this, we probably harvested earlier than needed, especially since some of the potatoes were the size of a quarter. Still, we got multiple pounds of potatoes and spent only a couple dollars on slips, so I count it as a success in spite of the fact that I’ll do it differently next year.

We also grew multiple varieties of potatoes, which might not have been a necessary thing. I think that I am happy with red potatoes usually so hopefully next year we can stick with just those and not confuse our poor plants by penning them in with a ton of root systems from various kinds of potatoes.

I think that this evening I’m going to take some of the tiniest potatoes and make up a GoSun recipe to get them nice and toasty, perhaps covered in herbs and butter. That, alongside the pesto quinoa I’m hoping to make with some roasted walnuts and our herb-garden basil, will make for a perfectly delectable dinner. I have recently read a lot of good recipes for pesto, and I’m intrigued to see if it goes well with our potatoes or if it’s better just on the quinoa.

5 comments on “Results of Potato Barrel Experiment

  1. Good job on getting the potatoes! We started using containers as well as our “ground mound” for potatoes a few years ago. Here’s what I have found, the red potatoes always grow very well i the containers. You will get nice sized potatoes from them. The russet potatoes are usually smaller in the container than in the mound. We get some medium sized and then some smaller ones which are perfect for salt potatoes. Here’s the link to my post about them if you want to see the containers we used. Tina

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  2. Christina Nifong says:

    Sounds like a fun experiment! We’ve tried red, Russet and purple potatoes over the years (but not all in one place) and I love getting a variety. I’m sharing a link for my favorite potato recipe: and for a post I did last year on pesto. I think your pesto would be amazing on some roasted potatoes. Happy cooking!


  3. […] top 5 list, which includes mostly simple dishes. After a few weeks of complex dishes (and a harvest of modest potatoes), we decided to see if the GoSun could get a nice crust on a pile of […]


  4. Dear fellow blogger,

    I would like to nominate you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I find your blog interesting, and I do hope you will accept the nomination. You can see the rules in my “Sunshine Blogger Award” post.

    Keep blogging!


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