A Note About WordAds and ads on blogs (repost)

This is a repost, but I think it is still important; I still have ads, but still make almost nothing off of them, and I still think people have the right to like, dislike, block, or avoid ads on blogs to their hearts’ content.

I wanted to address a blogging issue that might come up for some of you – the possibility that ads will show up in a blog. The way that WordPress.com works, with my membership here, means that I cannot control whether ads show up. If you’ve seen ads on my blog for the past 10 months, it was beyond my choice.

Just recently, however, I was offered a small share of that revenue generated by ads, through the WordAds program. I don’t anticipate making much money because this blog still has a small readership, but I would ask something: when you are reading personal blogs that have ads, especially food blogs that are nicer than mine and have better photos and recipe cards and all of that, please don’t turn your ad-blocker on. This isn’t about me or my blog; it’s about the community of food bloggers.

It’s been an issue I’ve been reading about, and it seems that nearly 40% of ads gets blocked by ad blockers – obviously, I understand people not wanting to see ads, but they also often get to read many interesting things on the internet for free, things that would be less useful if no one was paid to write them. My blog is not among these: I write for fun, and I haven’t invested a lot of money into cameras and hosting and other costs of blogging. But for professional bloggers, watching those ads (or at least ignoring them without blocking them!) seems like a kind way to show your appreciation for the site, and that you want them to be able to continue doing it.

My thoughts on this subject are still developing, but you know already if you read this blog that I’m always thinking about how we form communities, usually around food and family and friends and recipes. I want to be the kind of blog reader that I would want reading my own blog, and I think that might mean (gulp) not running my ad blocker. Have you all seen other models of running a blog that allow us to support those whose work we appreciate, maybe without having to view ads? I hope that is the direction that blogs are headed, but I really don’t know; I just know that I want others to be able to turn their successful blogs into long-term, large-scale work for themselves and their readerships.

All that being said, if you notice something that isn’t functioning because of ads, or if you see an ad that offends you, let me know here in the comments – I want to make sure WordAds is working for my readers, as far as ads in a blog ever can work for readers.

9 comments on “A Note About WordAds and ads on blogs (repost)

  1. Kim Smyth says:

    Food for thought! Good post, one I needed to see this morning, as I consider the world of affiliate marketing for my own business/blogs. 🙂

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  2. koolaidmoms says:

    The only ads that really annoy me and make me stop reading a blog are when it is so filled with ads that you cannot get to the content you were interested in reading. Pop up for singing up to subscribe by email,follow on FB, Pinterest, etc… then a huge banner ad and cluttered ads and video throughout the post. A few tastefully placed ads I am fine with.

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  3. I was brand new to this thing called blogging, website affiliation and you were one of the first sites we began following. I remember when you first posted this article. I better understand the topic of ads now and people using them on their site. You have a wonderful site and we enjoy your recipes but…! We have noticed the volume of ads now being placed on your site is significantly slowing down your purposed content from loading. In other words the ads load first (which takes a long time) before your post shows. Then if we want to comment its bogs down some more. This is frustrating. The computer we use is high end so we know its not our system being insufficient in speed and memory. Just thought you may want to know what we are experiencing on this end. We love reading post by those in the food world and base our weekly recipes on their recommendations but most limit their ads and as a result we enjoy their sites.


    • This is so good to know! I’ll look into it and see if there’s anything I can do; if it doesn’t get better, I will probably have to take the ads down… I want WordPress to prioritize low-impact ad experiences, but I might be able to do my own part by re-organizing the ads I have. Thanks!

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      • You are so welcome. We didn’t want to offend you but sometimes we don’t know how our site is being seen because we never “log in”. Its like remembering your phone number and pausing because we never call ourselves to know it, lol. You have great recipes that we enjoy.

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  4. I would agree with koolaidmoms – if the ads aren’t overly obtrusive, I will tend to simply ignore them. On some sites they are so “in your face”, that you stop caring about the site content before you ever get to it. So far, of the two pages I’ve clicked on of yours, I only see WordPress ads scattered through the article and comments, and they were easy to ignore (unless I had been interested in creating my own account). I know in this age of always-on cell phones/computers, many cannot resist any and every flash of color or text before their eyes. Me? I can and do ignore a WHOLE lot of stuff!

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  5. kmpesich says:

    This was an excellent post! I needed to read this today 🙂

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  6. Found this really interesting as am fairly new to blogging and a first time visitor of yours. I did notice the ads straight away and admittedly I found it quite distracting as it almost interfered with the actual content (might be because I’m viewing on my mobile). Still good to understand it from the other side though, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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